Module 3: Deep Meditation + Delta

In this lesson you will learn about deep meditation and how to radically accelerate the evolutionary process you’re already engaged in.

Delta States

  • Deep Dreamless Sleep
  • Profound Meditation
  • Brain Rejuvenation
  • Causal States
  • Transcendental Experiences
  • Brain Coherence

Music from Module 3

432 Hz Delta Brainwave Entrainment

Cosmic Shores is an hour of clear, resonant tones and undulating liquid, embedded with our most powerful binaural beat session yet. State-training with delta frequencies can facilitate profound relaxation and help listeners experience a kind of primordial awareness where time, the body-mind and the separate self-sense fall away.

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We recommend the delta companion from the Solffegio Algorithms series

Deltapoiesis is the third of 9 compositions in the Solfeggio Algorithms series and is a level 1 program, great for beginning and intermediate state training practitioners.

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Check out our other delta entrainment programs

  • Cosmic Shores ~ 432Hz Delta Binaural Beat Meditation

  • Submerge | 4 Hour Brainwave Entrainment Package

  • Conscious Dreaming ~ Delta Meditation

  • Deltapoiesis 396Hz ~ Solfeggio Algorithms NO.3