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We are so glad you’re here.

If you’ve been a long time listener, we appreciate your support. If you’re new here, it’s such a joy to have you.

Take a look around! We have three categories to help you navigate the site:

Brainwave Entrainment: 

This section contains our music for meditation with brainwave entrainment technology or binaural beats. Headphones required.

Sound Healing: 

This music is for relaxation, ritual and journeying. Play this music into the room with speakers and soak in the resonant sounds. Here you’ll find some of our brainwave entrainment music that can be enjoyed without headphones for a relaxing, ambient experience.

Guided Sessions:

Here you’ll find our guided hypnotherapy sessions recorded over our 432 Hz or solfeggio tuned music. Use headphones to enjoy the brainwave entrainment that accompanies most of these sessions.

Be sure to look for the glyph keys on each product. Hover your mouse over the symbol on the product pages to see what technology is being used in the music.

Use the search bar on the navigation bar to explore.

Thank you so much for tuning in. We hope you enjoy exploring your inner world with us.

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