Solfeggio Harmonics Vol.2



Solfeggio Harmonics Vol.2 is a best-selling full length album containing 9 tracks, each carefully tuned to a solfeggio frequency. The Solfeggio Harmonics Project will interest alternative healers, meditators and ambient music lovers.

Solfeggio Frequencies Nested HarmonicsGolden Ratio Cryptophonics

~ Solfeggio Frequencies
~ Play during yoga, massage, alternative therapy sessions, and journeys
~ Aligned with the golden ratio
~ Nested Harmonics
~ Inspired by the harmonic patterns behind light, electromagnetism, and sound

Solfeggio Harmonics Vol.2 is the second installment of the Solfeggio Harmonics Sound Healing Project.

This sound medicine journey is 9 parts, each carefully tuned to a solfeggio frequency – tones derived from a form of mysticism that uses modular 9 arithmetic. These vibratory healing journeys are inclusive of the winding path of the soul’s journey and imprinted with the memory of its origin and destination.

Originally Released: 2009

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