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We spend about 1/3 of our lives asleep.

In order for the brain to function properly we need, on average, 6-9 hour of sleep, and this means that a person who lives to be 80 years old will spend about 25 years asleep. Wouldn’t it be great if we could use this time for something productive? Why not use this time to explore the mind, deepen our connection to ourselves, and explore the hidden depths of the universe? Sound intriguing? Keep reading to learn more about how to lucid dream.

Whether we’re awake or asleep, the unconscious mind is awake and active.

While we sleep and dream our unconscious mind is working out problems, processing our life experiences and probing the vast mystery of being. This part of the mind is highly intelligent, creative and resourceful. Learning how to use it skillfully can dramatically improve our over all fulfillment. We can use it to solve problems, come up with creative ideas, and make advances in every area of our lives. With good instructions and positive reinforcement, the unconscious mind will produce exceptional results.

Exploring the unconscious mind through dreams is perhaps one of the most effective ways to gain self knowledge.

“Know thy self”


Our dreams are a powerful window into our unconscious mind. Making an ally out of this part of ourselves enables us to see into our inner being. With dream work, we can become more intimate with ourselves, healing and growing to become more self aware.

With a little help from science we can make good use of those 8 hours a night. Source Vibrations has published an 8 hour lucid dreaming audio program, We Dreamt, that uses the natural sleep cycles of the brain to maximize the potential for lucid dreaming. It’s been used thousands of times by those who want to learn how to lucid dream with wonderful results. The reason for this is simple. We’ve researched the brainwave patterns of sleep cycles and translated that information into an audio program that cues awareness at peak REM intervals. It supports the natural sleep cycles of the brain, providing awareness cues at the ideal times.

how to lucid dream

How does it work?

The brain goes through several different cycles throughout the night. After falling asleep we go back and forth between deep dreamless sleep and REM or rapid eye moment several times. During REM, the brain dreams. Signals are being sent throughout the various regions of the brain in a symphony of data. The eyes move back and forth behind the lids as images parade through our vision and our memories from the day are integrated into long term storage. In experiential terms, REM periods are when we dream.

how to lucid dream

Coordinating music and binaural beats to the natural REM cycles allows us to weave a thread of our awakened state to our dream state. By stimulating the brain in specific ways, its natural cycles can be accentuated, allowing us to both sleep more deeply and dream more vividly. In We Dreamt, the peaks and troughs of the music fall on intervals where REM and deep dreamless sleep commonly occurs. At periods of peak activity, warm pads and gentle swells rise to the surface and subtly cue consciousness to awaken in the dream. With practice, this track will gradually help you develop the capacity to lucid dream.

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Here are a few additional things you can include in your routine to learn to lucid dream. Doing each of these things consistently will make a big difference.

  1. Keep a dream journal. Having a dream journal by your bed and writing in it every morning will help you begin to remember your dreams more vividly. Any time you wake up from a dream, jot down what you remember before you get up or before you go back to sleep.
  2. Auto Suggestion. Every night before bed repeat to yourself: “I will be aware of my dreams and I will remember everything”. Affirming your intention to lucid dream will condition your unconscious mind to help you remain aware of your dreams.
  3. Check for the dream state. Ask yourself: “Am I dreaming?” on a regular basis. Just before bed or even throughout the day during your ordinary waking state, look at the backs of your hands or your feet and ask yourself. “Am I dreaming?” This will anchor you to the questioning of your state. When it becomes automatic, this question will wake you up in your dream. You can also try turning on light switches, reading pages in a book, or reading the time on a clock. If you find you cannot or if it’s fuzzy, you’ll know you are asleep and dreaming.
  4. Practice delta meditation while you’re awake, using brainwave entrainment programs. The delta brainwave state is the slowest and most powerful brainwave pattern. Most people aren’t able to remain awake while the brain is producing a dominant delta pattern. Practicing staying awake while your brain is making delta is the most effective way to learn how to lucid dream. Try delta meditation programs like¬†Cosmic Shores or Conscious Dreaming¬†from Source Vibrations.

Lastly, customize your routine.

Be creative with it and make it unique to you feel inspired by it. Learning how to lucid dream takes time. If you remain consistent you will be able to wake up in your dream and regain conscious control of 1/3 of your life.

Download “We Dreamt” and begin your lucid dreaming practice tonight.

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