Solfeggio Harmonics Vol.1



Solfeggio Harmonics Vol.1 is a full length album with 9 tracks, each carefully tuned to a solfeggio tone. This album is the first installment of the Solfeggio Harmonics Sound Healing Project.

Solfeggio FrequenciesNested HarmonicsCryptophonics

~ Solfeggio Frequencies
~ Perfect listening for alternative healing sessions, massage, yoga
~ Designed with mathematically coordinated wave-forms create neuro-acoustic balance and harmonic structural integration
~ Inspired by the harmonic patterns behind light and electromagnetism

This best-selling sound healing experience leads you through the nine principle solfeggio tones. The solfeggio tones are derived from a form of mysticism that uses modular 9 arithmetic. Each track in this album is a vibratory healing journey that will interest alternative healers, meditators and ambient music lovers.


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[audioalbum title=”Listen to Solfeggio Harmonics Vol.1″] [audiotrack title=”174Hz Foundation” mp3=”″] [audiotrack title=”285Hz Quantum Cognition” mp3=”″] [audiotrack title=”396Hz Liberation from Fear” mp3=”″] [audiotrack title=”417Hz Transmutation” mp3=”″] [audiotrack title=”528Hz Miracle” mp3=”″] [audiotrack title=”639Hz Relationship Harmonization” mp3=”″] [audiotrack title=”741Hz Consciousness Expansion” mp3=”″] [audiotrack title=”852Hz Awakening Intuition” mp3=”″] [audiotrack title=”963Hz Numinous Accord” mp3=”″]


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