Solfeggio Harmonics Vol.1 + Vol.2 Package


Solfeggio Harmonics Vol.1 + Vol.2. albums are inspired by harmonic patterns behind electromagnetism and sound. Each track is carefully tuned to a solfeggio tone.


Solfeggio FrequenciesNested HarmonicsGolden RatioCryptophonics

~ Perfect for massage, yoga, reiki, alternative care sessions
~ Solfeggio tones
~ Nested Harmonics
~ Perfectly aligned to the golden ratio
~ Inspired by the patterns of light, electromagnetism and sound
~ Buy both albums together and save

Each track is carefully tuned to a solfeggio frequency – tones derived from a form of mysticism that uses modular 9 arithmetic. These vibratory healing journeys will interest alternative healers, meditators and ambient music lovers.


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