Pythagorean Whole-Tone Healing


Sound Healing Music Tuned to the A = 432Hz in the Pythagorean Temperament.

High Resolution Audio in .wav and mp3 format


Father of one of the earliest mystery schools, Pythagorus taught early music theory in his cult of mathematics, geometry and science. He was perhaps the first proponent of the idea that frequencies correspond to eternal ideas. Pythagorean Whole -Tone Healing in A# major is an uplifting, hour-long track created in his honor with flute, pads, pure tones, and celestial elements reminiscent of hand-pan. Expand into wholeness with the healing power of sound.


The combination of the calm, expansiveness of blue and focused activation of red give us violet, the corresponding color of Jupiter.

A#, the tone of Jupiter, resonates beneficence with shimmers still reflecting off the first dawn.

While listening: visualize violet light surrounding you in nourishing vibrations. Focus your mind on images of health and abundance. Co-create with the divine to manifest your most vibrant well-being.

Affirmation: From the exhaustless source of light, I receive all that I need. I am healthy, wealthy and wise.


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