Sound & Color Treatments ~ The Planetary Tones [Videos]


These Sound & Color Treatments are video files with music and visual elements to be used for healing and personal alchemy.


These sound and color treatments are made to assist you with your process of healing and inner alchemy. Each sound bed is tuned to correspond with the corresponding color tone. These sessions can be used as supplemental tools to address physical, mental, emotional or spiritual imbalances and to strengthen or balance the already vibrant energies within you. Sound and color therapy has been found to have subtle and powerful effects. Corresponding to the planetary tones as understood by the western esoteric traditions, these sessions can be used to activate the subtle energies of the interior stars.

Enjoy these 20 minute videos when you download this product (over 2 hours of music!):

  1. Martian Red in C
  2. Solar Orange in D
  3. Mercurial Yellow in E
  4. Venusian Green in F#
  5. Lunar Blue in G#
  6. Saturnian Indigo in A
  7. Jupiterian Violet in B

Directions for use

Method 1. Simply look at the color on the screen and listen to the sounds. Breathe naturally and evenly while you take in the vibrations.

Method 2. Once the color is firmly etched in your mind, close your eyes and envision the color surrounding and permeating your body, mind and thoughts. Practice sustaining your mental imagery for the duration of the session.

Method 3. Play this session into your sacred space during study periods, meditation or ceremonial work related to the energy of this frequency.

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