Deltapoiesis 396Hz ~ Solfeggio Algorithms NO.3


Deltapoiesis is part three of a comprehensive series of lush music pieces composed for creating sacred ritual spaces, facilitating sound healing and neuro-acoustic meditation sessions. Each specially tuned meditation experience is designed to progressively acclimate listeners to deeper states of awareness.

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Generative music, choral harmonies and binaural beat frequencies help listeners in entering profound states of meditation. Tuned to the solfeggio frequency 396Hz, one of the 81 auspicious tones that correspond to the mathematical substrate of time-space and electromagnetism.   


Meditation with binaural beats has been known to:

~ Promote brain hemisphere synchronization

~ Improve cognitive function

~ Improve the quality of meditation


More about Deltapoiesis:

Deltapoiesis is the third of 9 compositions in the Solfeggio Algorithms series and is a level 1 program, great for beginning and intermediate state training practitioners. As a meditation tool, this audio session can help listeners cultivate coherent delta brainwave patterns where rejuvenation, deep relaxation and sublime meditative states occur.

As a ceremonial audio backdrop for healing, self-care or other intentional practices, this music seeks to invoke a feeling of wholeness and facilitate an environment of tranquility. Choral harmonies and ambient soundscapes call forth a reverent serenity to uplift the heart and quiet the mind.


Recommended Use: For best results as a meditation tool, listen with stereo headphones 3 times per week for 4 to 6 weeks before moving to a level 2 program. To learn more about the benefits of brainwave entrainment audio programs sign up for our free E-course.  >>>State Training With Brainwave Entrainment 

As a backdrop for relaxation or for cultivating an intentional atmosphere, listen on high quality speakers.


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